Oui !

The Lust Bar is gonna open its doors for the lunch from monday 29th february on, monday till friday 12am - 4pm, organic products from Markthalle Neun, homemade soups, salads, tartes flambées, cakes & fresh juices prepared by the chef cook Julia Bosski !

To celebrate that and to show you what you gonna have the pleasure to eat soon, we organize a small pop up dinner with a special price for a special occasion !

We offer you three plates and a fresh drink in the list above for 10 euros :

Salads !

- Salad of millet, gold beetroots, mango, pommegranate mint and coriander.
- Pumpkin-orange puree with baked beans and carrots served with salad.
- Wild salad with avocado, grilled fennel, baked beetroots, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, black sesame.

Soups !

- Blue potatoe cream soup.
- Sweet corn soup with coconut milk.
- Green pea soup with fried streaky bacon (erbsen creme suppe mit frietiertem bacon).

Tarte flambée !

- Tarte flambée with italian cheese scarmorza, leek and bacon.
- Tarte flambee - nicoise- tuna, baked potatoes, red onions, egg.
- Tarte flambée with goat cheese, caramelized red onions, rosmary, honey and tomatoes.

Dessert !

- Cheesecake with chocolate and pommegranate.
- Salty tarte tatin with pear.
- Mango, coconut creme.

Drinks !

- Orange and lavender limonade
- Cucumber, lime and mint limonade

Stay tuned , come as many as possible !!!!!!!!!!!!

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