Space Gourmet

We are an emerging food business based in Neukölln. We make full-flavored comfort food from around the world with plant based meat from our own secret recipes.

Our food is pioneering and nostalgic at the same time, showing that there is no need to exclude anyone from traditionally animal based dishes.

Our friends at Lust Bar has opened up their kitchen for us and we invite you to a thumbs up experience for you and your taste buds.

Food will be served from 1900 until we run out, and the good people at Lust bar will cater to your drinking needs the entire evening.

Menu for the night

Steak Sandwich €9 (vegan)

A delicious and sloppy sandwich to satisfy all needs:
Smoky, red wine marinated meat served on a freshly baked focaccia with an onion balsamico relish, a caper dijon mayo and a leaf of lettuce. Comes with a side of warm creole salad with deep fried potatoes.

Gong Bao €9 (vegan)

A hot and tangy classic stir fry:
Meat marinated in Shaoxing wine, stir fried with scallions, garlic, ginger, red peppers, chili, szechuan pepper, peanuts and a tempting Chinkiang vinegar sauce. Comes with jasmine rice and a cucumber salad on the side.
(Also available w/o peanuts)

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