Our kitchen is a certified commercial restaurant kitchen based in Berlin Mitte Torstrasse 225.

If you are interested in opening your own Pop Up Restaurant, the Lust Bar is offering you his professional kitchen and all the equipment required to cook :


- Big cold room, fridge, freezer, saladette

- Professional deep fryers, toaster

- Professional oven, gas cooker

- Kitchenware, saucepan, professional dish

- Extractor fan

- Professional dish washer

- All licences, grease separator 

- Many plates

- Cutlery

- Glasses


For a day or more you will find everything you need to prepare your pop up event in our licensed kitchen.

As the Lust Bar wants to keep is integrity and keep its business going, we gonna work together !

Don't worry ! You serve your food and we serve our drinks. So you gonna take advantage of :


- our sophisticated drinks menu (we own a lot of really nice french wines at a fair prices).

- the street location (Torstrasse is the most known street restaurant in Berlin and the metro station is right around the corner).

- our advertisement ( FB, Website etc). 

- our regular visitors


Fees :

The fees are 70 € net per evening. All is included (water, electricity...) as also the use of all the equipment. 

We will show you the place, and let you prepare the food during the day so you will be ready to welcome your guest at the right time!

We ask a caution of 200 € before you start.


Contact us !

email : rentlustbar@gmail.com


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